Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Blog for Money

You can make money online. Blogitive.com will pay you to write in your blog. Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it, but it is true. Blogitive.com will pay you each week, through Pay Pal, to write in your blog.

The popularity of your Blog is important. Qualify for Blogitive’s program by submitting your blog into RSS Syndication sites like FeedBurner.com, commenting on other people's blogs, submitting to blog directories, and asking friends to add you to their blogroll. Once your Blog qualifies, you can participate in Blogitive’s web release program and start making money online. You will usually make $5 per post. There are people who are making $1000 a week with Blogitive, but they have multiple blogs. You can submit as many blogs as you want to as long as they meet Blogitive's requirements.

This is just one way to make money with Blogitive.com. Two new programs will launch soon - NewsNerve and Ghost Writing. NewsNerve is a service that will display relevant syndicated news headlines and allow you to earn money from every click that your visitors make. Ghost Writing doesn't require a blog, just good writing.

Blogitive will roll out more ways to make money as they come off the drawing board and implemented.

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