Thursday, September 28, 2006

Creative Pre-Wedding Pictures

A wedding is a huge event in our lives when someone close to us gets married, and I, for one, want spectacular pictures of the events leading up to the wedding. While the wedding is the main event the rehearsal and the dinner the night before the wedding will hold good memories, too, and you'll want to record these events.

To get spectacular pictures, I, if no one else, need to plan the event around the kind of pictures I want to take. The wedding camera shots of the wedding dinner the night before need to be carefully planned to make sure we get the type of shots we want, and to be sure everyone has a good time. This includes the children; be sure to include them in your planning. Stuffy formal sitdown dinners the night before the wedding are a thing of the past. Be creative when you plan the dinner.

Unless you and everyone else in your family know the members of your soon to be in-laws, the dinner is a good place for everyone to get acquainted. A bar-b-que in your backyard would be one way to get everyone to mingle and get to know each other. If you're going to an exotic place on your honeymoon like an island in the South Pacific, or Paris, France, use that as a basis for your theme. How about an excursion to a sports event since usually stadiums have group rates. These are just ideas. What do the couple like to do? That could be a basis for a theme for the dinner. Be sure to ask what the other family doesn't like to do and avoid that activity. We're trying to have fun, not put someone's nose out of joint.

The children at the dinner could have their own table covered with butcher paper with crayons for each child. They can then enjoy coloring on their tablecloth, and it keeps them busy. Usually there some children that don't want to color and you will need to plan an activity (or several) for the children. Make sure there is child friendly food for the children. There's nothing worse than a hungry or bored child. Feed and entertain them to keep the party running smoothly.

The wedding and honeymoon are over. You've finally gotten the pictures you've taken of the wedding events back. Now is the time to make sure you have a record, using a pencil, on the back of each picture, of the name of every subject in that picture. My husband inherited a box of pictures; his grandparents are all deceased, his mother and father are deceased, his older brother and sister are deceased, and he has no idea who some of these people are in the pictures. It's very important to do this as soon as possible.

All pictures should have the names of the subjects listed on the back in pencil, not pen. A pen can ruin the picture.

Dale L. Edwards

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