Saturday, December 06, 2008

The Search

I want to introduce you to two imaginary friends of mine. Bethanne Nichols is a professional genealogist. Lacy Barnes is a beginning family historian. We're going to follow these 2 ladies on their search for Lacy's family.

Bethanne owns and runs The Searcher, a small shop in Fremont, OH. She also has a website.

Lacy is a young woman searching for her family. Her mother passed away when Lacy was only 2 years old. She didn't know her father. She knows his name, but he was out of the picture before she was born. Lacy's grandmother and a maiden aunt raised her. They both passed away last year leaving her with no known living relatives.

Most people have more of a starting point than we have here, but the basic procedures are the same no matter how much information you already have.

We'll start Lacy's quest in my next post.

Dale L. Edwards

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