Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Generating Income with Family History

Back in June my husband's back finally gave out and he has been unable to work since the last of October. The plan was for me to get a job and bring in enough to supplement his service retirement check. I started looking, but my GERD got totally out of hand and I realized that every time I went to work my stomach would start giving me fits to the point there were times I had to leave work. The more I thought about needing to find a job the worse my stomach got. Almost 2 months ago I started looking for something I could do at home and bring in extra money. I discovered blogging and Google AdSense. I realized I could use my love for genealogy and my love of writing together with Google AdSense and maybe make enough to keep us going until my husband officially retires in 2 years.

I did a little, well, actually I've been doing a lot of research on different ways to generate income from the blogs (I have 3 main blogs) and family history. I found out that Family History is a big business now and many people are earning income from their passion for family history. According to a telephone survey, about 60% of the United States population is engaged in genealogy, and genealogy has become the number one hobby in the United States. On the Internet you can find 7.2 million hits for "genealogy" and 1.8 million hits for "family history."

This is great, but my AdSense wasn't going anywhere and I needed to give it time to grow, so I looked into affiliate programs, and I have 3 companies I'm affiliated with. Still not getting much of anywhere, and as you can tell I get impatient.

One day I was in the forum (Work At Home Moms) and discovered a way to actually make some money while I write my blogs. Actually get paid after I write my post. Last week I earned $20, and the only thing holding me back is landing assignments. Go ahead and check out Bloggitive and Blogsvertise see what you think of their programs.

I haven't stopped looking for ways to bring in income because $20 a week really isn't enough to take up the slack. So, I have continued to look for ways for me to bring in more income doing the things I really like to do such as genealogy and writing. I came accross Helium Knowledge. It's a site where those who like to write can make some money and indulge their love of words and knowledge.

In the beginning I looked into paid surveys, mystery shopping, reading e-mails, ect. They just weren't programs I could work with, but there are people who make them work and are able to earn a living from those programs.

I've done party plans before, and I enjoyed it, but for some reason (probably because I spent too much money on my own wares) I couldn't make money at them. I looked at some party plans on the net and thought about it, but decided that although others could make money that way, I would be unlikely to do so myself.

I'm still looking and thinking. Earning that $20 has given me hope that with hard work I'll be able to make these programs work for me.

Dale L. Edwards

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